n.Snipes Referral Program is Here!

We recognize and appreciate that, often times, the best customers come through word of mouth or via referrals. n.Snipes Design’s story is no different. Recently celebrating our first year in business, we credit a large portion of our success to all those that have shared their positive reviews or recommended us to a friend or associate. With that being said, we believe that those who spread the word about us should get some kind of reward!

That’s why n.Snipes Design is offering a special Referral Program for the month of July.  You can take advantage of this program and earn 10% bonus for each referral that results in a signed contract. There is absolutely no limit to the number of referrals you can submit or the amount you can earn! Read on for the program’s outline, rules and restrictions. 


Spread the Word

If anyone you know is interested in graphic or web design services, fill out the referral form (linked below) or provide us with their name and contact information, and we will reach out to them directly. You may also have them mention your name when they contact us if they prefer to initiate contact.

Referral Form

Wait It Out

We reach out to the referred individual, discuss project details and provide them with a complimentary quote. If all goes well and they're happy with the proposal, your referral signs with n.Snipes Design and work commences!


Reap the Rewards

We send you 10% commission of the initial project total within 15 days after we receive the full payment by referred client. Owner of n.Snipes Design, Nichole Snipes, will reach out to you via email or social media to notify you of your earnings and discuss payment details.

THIS REFERRAL PROGRAM IS ONLY VALID FOR THOSE IN N.SNIPES DESIGN’S SOCIAL NETWORK. Please be sure to Like n.Snipes Design on Facebook and Connect with Us on LinkedIn to apply for this special offer! For more rules and restrictions, please see below.

Referral Program Guidelines

  1. You must be connected to n.Snipes Design’s company Facebook or LinkedIn page to apply for this referral program as we will be announcing successful referrals via Social Media – tagging you in on the announcement! If you have not liked n.Snipes Design or are not connected to us on LinkedIn, you will not be a valid recipient for the referral fee.
  2. 10% commission is only given upon a successful referral.
  3. A successful referral is when you, the Referrer, refers a client to n.Snipes Design, LLC and the client (Referred Party) signs up for one or more of our services and makes a full payment for initial services on time.
  4. Referred client must spend a minimum of $250 in order for you to qualify for the 10% referral fee.
  5. The maximum referral fee for a given project is $1000.
  6. Your own services or website with us do NOT qualify for a referral fee.
  7. Referral has to be made prior to or upon n.Snipes Design’s first interactions with client. (Just because you know the Referred Party doesn’t mean you get a referral fee.)
  8. If two or more parties refer the same client, the referral fee will be split equally between the referring parties.
  9. Referrals will NOT get compensated if the prospective client (Referred Party) does not sign up for one of our services.
  10. There is no limit on how many people you refer!

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