n.Snipes Referral Program is Here!

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We recognize and appreciate that, often times, the best customers come through word of mouth or via referrals. n.Snipes Design’s story is no different. Recently celebrating our first year in business, we credit a large portion of our success to all those that have shared their positive reviews or recommended us to a friend or associate. With that being said, we believe that those who spread the word about us should get some kind of reward! Read More

Recent Work // Train With Jane Official Blog

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n.Snipes Design is pleased to announce the launch of the newly redesigned Train With Jane blog. This health and fitness blog contains detailed workouts and recipes, combined with useful tips and expert opinion. Categories covered include Fitness Activities, Workouts, Lifestyle and Nutrition. Read More

FREE n.Snipes Web Design Limited Time Offer!

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First impressions count. From the moment a website pops up on your screen, you get a sense of what a brand is all about. It is in this moment that you’ll instantly make judgments about its credibility and authority – whether you are conscious of it or not. In fact, research shows that it only takes 50 milliseconds for a user to form an opinion about a website. And of these first impressions, 94% are design related! Read More

Ignoring Pokemon GO is a HUGE Business Mistake… Here’s Why.

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Like it or not, Pokemon GO is taking over the world! The weeks-old augmented reality app has already broken the record for the most-downloaded app in history. It functions as a virtual scavenger hunt, where users collect the mythical “pocket monsters” for points. While the current mood seems to be one of annoyance with the craze, smart local business owners can use the trend to their advantage.

Here’s just a few tactics you can use today to start attracting more foot traffic into your business. Each requires little effort, and even less money!

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MasterCard Introduces a New Logo – Its 1st Change in 20 Years!

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Mastercard, founded in 1966 as Master Charge, has one of the world’s most recognizable symbols that the company has used since 1968. However this month, for the first time in 20 years, the company has been given a makeover for the digital age!

The change, which was orchestrated by branding agency Pentagram, fits with what seems to be the vogue in corporate logo design right now – simple one-dimensional shapes and serif-free basic fonts that translate better in digital formats. The new, simplified mark retains the red and yellow circles but features a new lowercase sans logotype in FF Mark. Gone are the heavy italics and unnecessary teeth and in its place is a logo which reduces Mastercard’s most recognizable assets to their simplest form!

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